Imagibots is a visually rich, seamlessly mixed 2D platformer and 3D adventure game. You play as
Imagibot, the world’s first DNA driven robot. Imagibot can change form and take on the special
abilities of creatures it encounters, or DNA it finds.
Fly like an Eagle, swing like a spider, swim like a fish on your mission to retrieve the Imagi-crystals,
and save Eden Green from total annihilation!


During the development of this prototype I learnt:
– 3D character Modelling in 3D Studio Max
– Character rigging and animation
– Texturing in Adobe Substance Painter
– High to low poly normal map baking
– UE4 Sequencer to create cinematics
– Advanced blueprinting to create all game mechanics from scratch
– Integration of Online Leaderboard Services
– Game design documentation and planning
– Level Design (Implementing design principles.)
– Graphic design
– Lighting
– Versioning control via GitHub LFS
– User interface design and production
– UX and UI principles