An exciting third person open world action adventure game based around the
central character, Mei-Ling who seeks to free her enslaved people from the
forces of the evil mage, Holder of Death (HOD) .


In this demo prototype, the player begins the game in a jungle / forest
environment that is designed to lead the player forwards in the level. You start
off unarmed and so you have an opportunity to take in the environment and
ambience, and test out your unarmed melee attacks, defences and

The challenge of building this game has accelerated my learning and I have
further developed the following skills:
– Character creation in Adobe Fuse and animation in Mixamo
– Animation export from Autodesk Maya
– Intermediate knowledge of Unity – Navmesh agents, colliders, lighting, particle
systems, scripting, animations, blend-trees, materials
– Beginner knowledge of C#
– Fundamentals of 3rd Person Locomotion
– Fundamentals of Root motion
– Asset optimisation
– Dynamic soundscaping
– Terrain landscaping and level design